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Concert Experience

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Around a month ago I noticed one of my favorite bands playing live at a theater near me, the band being from Tokyo, it was going to be the first time they have played where I’m located, so I absolutely had to go. The concert consisted of 3 bands total, those being: Crystal Lake1, Within Destruction2, and lastly Fame on Fire3.

Within Destruction


The first band playing at the concert was Within Destruction, I’ve heard like one song by them before by pure chance using some like AI music recommendation website called Gnoosic but besides that I haven’t really listened to them all that much. Right off the bat I kind of enjoyed their music, they were definitely on the heavier side of the metal spectrum, but it was pretty energetic and the crowd was engaged throughout all of it.

Unfortunately I don’t remember which songs they played, my mind was too focused on the next band playing to really keep track of the other two bands playing at the concert.

Crystal Lake


One of my favorite bands of all time. Crystal Lake comes all the way from Tokyo, Japan. They’re a metal band and their songs have gotten me through some really rough times. I’m unsure how true it is, but apparently the current lead vocalist literally learned japanese to tour with them, and that’s some massive commitment. The band is very passionate and being able to see them live for their first time in the city is something that will remain forever special to me. Along with the fact they played some really special songs from when the original vocalist was still in the band. Hope Ryo is doing okay these days.

The set list the band played at the concert was the following tracks (in order):

Fame on Fire


I didn’t really know this band before the concert but it did introduce me to them, and I have to say they’re pretty good. The only song I really remember from the concert is the song Headspace which I find kind of humorous as we’re plural, lol. Less heavy than the other two but still really good in my opinion. I don’t have much of an opinion.

Band Merch

After the concert I had to grab some band merch for Crystal Lake as I wanted to remember seeing them live. I decided to grab a hoodie and a hat however I really wanted the Vinyl for them, but they were completely sold out by the time I got to the merch booth.

merch pic 1
merch pic 2

Final Thoughts

I definitely need to go to concerts more often. You can’t really get the same experience over a computer or anything like that. I ended up crying for like 3 hours once I got back to my apartment. Yes I’m a crybaby don’t mention it. If you haven’t been to a concert yet I highly recommend it. It’s an absolute blast.

Just make sure you bring noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs, as otherwise you will probably hurt your ears as I did mine a bit as I forgot to ask for some before it started, ended up getting some anyways though.