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About Me

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Hello, I’m Hanna! I’m a transfeminine software engineer, security researcher and system administrator. I’ve been doing programming since roughly the age of 8 starting out with Lua for an old text-based RPG game. Ever since then my love of programming and technology has grown exponentially. I’m fascinated by old technology, and am an avid fan of macOS and Linux. I currently do content moderation as a job, and do programming and system administration as a hobby. I am also plural, so if you don’t know what plurality is I recommend clicking that link to make both of our lives easier.

Anyways, this is my blog and personal site. It’s built using the Hugo static site generator and the lovely Blowfish theme. I will be posting about my tech adventures and misfortunes here, as well as general life stuff and my opinions on things as life goes on.

Remember that you are valid, that you are loved, and that you are you.
P.S. If you’re curious you can check out my plural system here.